Travel: Journey of the Soul

Underwater temple at Tulamben, Bali.
Underwater temple at Tulamben, Bali.

Let me begin this post with a warning. If you are the kind of person who thinks spiritualism is a load of nonsense you may want to stop reading now.

I do believe in spiritualism. I blame my hippy parents for this. Growing up in a liberal household has definitely had an impact on my outlook on life. Whilst not religious at all I do have faith in the order of the universe, the inter-connectedness of life and the unifying power of mind, body and soul. If this offends you, please take your close-minded judgement elsewhere.

The journey I am currently on has become one of spiritual movement as well as physical. This progression happened naturally and organically over the past two months, but once I became aware of the shift within my soul I began to explore it, to cultivate it. There is still a long way to go but I am excited for the changes that lie ahead of me.

The way I have been conducting my life recently has not been fulfilling me or making me happy. I’ve reached something of a turning point or pivotal moment in my life. Now that the catalyst for change has been activated there is no going back. I’m already feeling more positive and content just for acknowledging that I am in a transitional phase.

To fully benefit from my spiritual awakening I’ve created a set of ‘rules’ for myself. Without being too strict about it (I still want to have some fun), they are a guide for how I want to live my life – a set of mantras that can be used every day. They should help me remain in touch with the change within and get the most out of this experience:

• Daily meditation (ideally after yoga). Focusing the mind is a challenging yet rewarding practice which is both calming and rejuvenating. It’s a mini-break for the brain.

• Set intentions every morning to make each day meaningful and achieve something.

• Pay attention to self-awareness. Take care over your behaviour, the things you say and do, and consider the motivations behind this.

• Let go of negative thoughts. Acknowledge them, then release them from your mind.

• Be kind to yourself. Rein in the ego. Stop judgmental thoughts and self-criticism. Accept your flaws and mistakes.

Act mindfully. Don’t rush into things. Give every action, however small, some thought. Maintain your awareness.

• Live in the present moment. Regrets about the past are debilitating and unhelpful. Thinking of the future leads to you missing out on today.

• The trinity of MIND, BODY and SOUL is all-important. Work towards the harmony and unification of all three. What affects one affects all. Use exercise such as yoga to focus on this.

Underwater Zen.
Underwater Zen.


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