Why isn’t dating fun anymore?

There is an epidemic happening in the world. Not a pandemic – we’ve been there, done that. An epidemic of attractive, successful and interesting 30-somethings who cannot get a good date. I’ve conducted extensive research on this issue by speaking to my single friends around the world, male and female, and have been hearing the … More Why isn’t dating fun anymore?

Kiss the Boys

Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with boys. They’ve occupied my waking fantasies and my dreams. I’ve created entire lifetimes with some of them, from marriage to kids to older age, their eventual death (they always pop it first in my imagination) and my subsequent toy-boy phase. The number of men I’ve become … More Kiss the Boys

How To Heal

2021 was far and away the worst year of my life. Brace yourself… My Dad died in March after a long and awful illness, plus a year of pandemic pain when I was barely allowed to see him, let alone hug him. It was the worst and most unimaginable way to lose him, with the … More How To Heal

How to Fall in Love With an Australian Pirate (Part 1)

We met in that classic meeting place: a bar. Cherry Bar was my favourite in Melbourne; a dirty, grungy establishment tucked down an alleyway with graffiti all over the walls and more smokers outside the doors than punters dancing inside. At 26, I’d just spent six months solo travelling southeast Asia and was adjusting to … More How to Fall in Love With an Australian Pirate (Part 1)

Thank you, next

If you’d have told 18-year-old me that I’d be single in my early 30s, I’m not sure how I would have reacted. Perhaps, at 18, I hadn’t yet had enough exposure to the societal norm of ‘settle down; make babies; live a quiet life’ to feel the pressure to do such a thing. Anyway, such … More Thank you, next

Under the Olive Trees – A Yoga Retreat in Montenegro

A couple of months ago I went on a week-long yoga and meditation retreat that involved silent breakfasts and vegetarian food. And it wasn’t the least bit pretentious or wank-y. Seriously. The awkward thing about booking onto a yoga and meditation retreat is that then you have to tell people you are going on one. … More Under the Olive Trees – A Yoga Retreat in Montenegro