The 7 Best Hikes in the US

*This is a guest post by blogger Shawn Michaels*

The US has some beautiful trails to trek throughout the country. Adventure seekers will find all kinds of trekking mountains and landscapes to end their cravings for fun and the voyage. Here are the seven top hikes in the US that will be suitable for both beginners who want to enjoy and the souls which crave wanderlust.


Warner Parks: Nashville, Tennessee

Warner Parks lie beyond Nashville’s ever bustling landscape and are a safe haven for all those looking for a comforting hiking. The Mossy Ridge Trail in Percy Warner Park has a 4-mile loop that provides scenic views along with a brisk hike or a great jaunt for the couples. There are a few rigorous hill climbs in between, too.


Hike Through the Vines: Napa, California

For parties of around 4-12 people, Stony Jill Vineyard, apart from wine tasting, obviously, offers a special “Hike Through The Vines” by appointment. Learn the history of the winery by starting at Spring Mountain, Stony Hill Ranch House Terrace; a customizable hike will lead all the way throughout the 160-acre land.


Enchanted Rock: Fredericksburg, Texas

Enchanted Rock is the best place to enjoy the country’s unique yet wonderful natural beauty. The great batholith rises 425 feet above ground and has 640-acres of rock formation. It is a good escape for hikers looking for serendipity and enjoyment. There is a four-mile trail the takes you alongside a magnificent straight climb to the top of the great granite dome.


The Kalalau Trail: Kauai, Hawaii

The 11-mile trail for advanced hikers from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Beach is full of steep and narrow valleys, jagged cliffs, ocean views and tropical plants. You will cover the length and breadth of five valleys before ending your trip. To those who prefer easy hiking, there is an accessible 2-mile hike from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapi’ai.


Long Trail South: Stowe, Vermont

Long Trail is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States. Obviously, you can’t hike through it all as it runs the entire length of Vermont, but give Mount Mansfield a try. With a 2200 foot elevation gain, the total trip is about five miles round trip. The last portion of the hike has steep rock faces so you might consider wearing good hunting boots, as they will provide apt protection to your feet. Don’t skip just because it is difficult to hike in the end, because I promise it will definitely be worth all the sweat.


West Maroon Trail: Aspen to Crested Butte, Colorado

The full-day adventurous trail from Aspen to Crested Butte is packed with charming views of Maroon Bell, a pair of peaks in the Elk Mountains with elevations above 14,000, Crater Lake, Gothic Valley and Pyramid Peak. This hike can take about a total of six hours depending on your level of fitness, with a distance of 12 miles and 3,400 foot elevation gain.


The Narrows: Zion National Park, Utah

The Narrows is located in Zion National Park in Utah with a hike that extends to 16 miles. Apart from the Virgin River with an alluring sandstone gorge in Cion Canyon, hikers can also enjoy mesmerizing and picturesque surroundings of hanging gardens, natural springs, and sandstone walls.


Author Bio:Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is a blogger who loves to write about his outdoor experiences. He is also a passionate rock climber and loves traveling. Currently, he is studying and spends his free time reading reviews and gear shopping! He regularly blogs at

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