The 7 Best Hikes in the US

*This is a guest post by blogger Shawn Michaels* The US has some beautiful trails to trek throughout the country. Adventure seekers will find all kinds of trekking mountains and landscapes to end their cravings for fun and the voyage. Here are the seven top hikes in the US that will be suitable for both … More The 7 Best Hikes in the US

The Best Places to Escape the Crowds in Bangkok

Bangkok is a small world within itself, and it’s one of the busiest cities in the world with crowds that extend as far as the eye can see. You can do so many things that it’s impossible to mention them all, but I can absolutely guarantee that you’re going to need a break whether it happens at hour five or hour fifteen. … More The Best Places to Escape the Crowds in Bangkok

Life’s A Beach

*This is a guest post written by the multi-talented Kneale Brown* Travelling as a Brit is a queer thing. That season-less feeling of summer merely because the sun has got his hat on. Even the most strawberry blonde of us are overdosing on Vitamin D. Reaching into 20 months of solid travel with the large … More Life’s A Beach

Pork Or Death?

The Boy’s Perspective: I’m all alone, zombie-apocalypse style, in the staff accommodation attached to a deserted bar in a solitude-inal ski town in the North Island of New Zealand. A few weeks prior a small dilapidated-looking black van had pulled up outside the residence and, after a short conversation with a ‘surfed out’ looking Yorkshireman, … More Pork Or Death?

Why So Serious?

This is a guest post by my good friend and fellow British traveller, Kneale Brown. We have a scarily similar life experience and even lived in the same part of England, yet met on my very first night away in Bangkok. If you like what you read you can follow Kneale on Twitter (@KnealeBrown). Standing … More Why So Serious?