Why Tokyo is my favourite city in Asia

I’m surrounded by the sound of slurping. Businessmen in suits are either side of me, tucking in noisily to generous bowls of ramen with a cup of green tea on the side. The restaurant staff shout a chorus of greeting to every customer who enters the door. We select our lunches via a machine with … More Why Tokyo is my favourite city in Asia

7 Ways to Do Dubai

This is a guest post by travel writer Lily Berns. She uses every chance she gets to travel around the world with her family and friends. Experiencing new places and cultures, meeting new people and learning something new every day – this is her life motto. Great, unmatched, gorgeous, stunning – these are the epithets … More 7 Ways to Do Dubai

Alone In India?

“You are travelling alone?!” “Where is your companion?” “It is not safe for you.” Just a few examples of the reaction I received from locals upon revealing I was travelling around India ‘alone’. And to make matters even worse, I am a woman. Culturally, it is unheard of for an Indian woman to travel alone, … More Alone In India?

Malaysia: Truly Asia

The slogan of my title is taken from a UK advertising campaign promoting travel to Malaysia. I found it an intriguing description of a country I knew very little about. Firstly, what exactly ‘is’ Asia? How can you possibly define a continent so large and varied? The answer I found is that Asia is undefinable. … More Malaysia: Truly Asia