20 Things Travel Taught Me This Month

Slum community in India.
Slum community in India.
  1. Bollywood is bloody good.
  2. Carrying a live chicken into the Sumatran jungle is surreal. Watching it later be slaughtered in the halal way is traumatic.

    Belinda's fate was sealed.
    Belinda’s fate was sealed.
  3. Twenty-two hour bus journeys are surprisingly more fun if there is a cute French surfer sat beside you.
  4. Manchester United remains the most popular football team in the world.
  5. Indonesia is the best-looking nation in Southeast Asia (in my opinion).

    Belinda post-demise.Belinda post-demise.
    Belinda post-demise. But that Indonesian guy is cute.
  6. Avocado and chocolate smoothies are pretty much amazing.
  7. Lake Toba in western Sumatra is the largest lake in all of Southeast Asia (and it’s beautiful).
  8. Showering in rivers and waterfalls is preferable to some Indonesian bathrooms.

    Shower time.
    Shower time.
  9. I am excellent at remaining calm when killer bees crawl on me in intimate places.
  10. Curried fish head is extremely delicious.
  11. Stinging nettles are child’s play compared to jelatang, the Indonesian poison leaf plant.
  12. It’s almost impossible to get drunk on Bintang, Indonesia’s number one beer.
  13. India’s Honeybee brandy, on the other hand…
  14. Continuously waving back at people as you drive past them gets tiring. Hats off to Her Majesty.

    One of my many fan clubs.
    One of my many Indian fan clubs.
  15. I’m really good at singing Indonesian karaoke (apparently).
  16. Contracting an eye infection in India during Diwali is seriously unlucky.
  17. The Taj Mahal is too perfect to be real. It must be touched to be believed.
  18. A beer on a Goan beach during sunset with great company = perfection.
  19. The world’s rarest and most beautiful donkey is the Indian Wild Ass. And they look damn funny when they run.

    Asses in formation.
    Asses in formation.
  20. Staying up all night then swimming in the sea over a perfect sunrise is the best way to enjoy a paradise island.

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