A Love Letter To Australia

Let me tell you a story…

In October 2012 I was in Singapore waiting for my flight to Sydney. I had a couple of days to spend in the city so I visited the Esplanade, Singapore’s theatre on the bay, one afternoon. The building was celebrating its 10th anniversary at the time. One of the exhibitions comprised of huge letters of the alphabet, each commemorating one of 17 life ‘values’ that the theatre believes convey the human spirit.

The idea was that you would take a ribbon from letter representing the value you most wanted more of in your life. I could have chosen ‘LOVE’ – but I wasn’t quite ready for that yet. Another option was ‘FAMILY’; I’m already pretty blessed in that aspect of life. Maybe I could have picked ‘PASSION’, except I’m already living my passion of a life filled with travel and writing.

I chose the ribbon for ‘FUN’. Isn’t it interesting when the universe gives you what you ask for?

Where I selected my fate.

The past 12 months of living in Australia have been the most unexpected, crazy, carefree and most importantly ‘FUN’ of my life to date. I’ve tried more new things than I care to remember. I’ve explored a part of my personality that has often been somewhat neglected – the fun side. I chilled the hell out, went with the flow and didn’t stress (even when handed hefty speeding fines by the Aussie road police – no drama).

Australia, you’ve given me so many irreplaceable memories and sent so many wonderful people into my path. You gifted me partners in crime, travel soul-mates, friends for life – even a hot Aussie boy to play with. Thanks to this sunburnt country I have hundreds more stories to tell when I’m old and grey.

Your summer was beyond compare. I’ll give it to you, Australia – you’ve got it all: dramatic coastlines, lush rainforests, striking mountains and scorched deserts. Then there are your cities. Melbourne was my home down under for 10 months and I never lost the feeling of how lucky I was to be able to live there. I will love that city for the rest of my life.

So thank you Australia, mate. Cheers for everything you’ve given to me over the past year. It certainly has been fun my friend.

Some of the best friends I had in Australia.
Some of the best friends I had in Australia.

Now I wonder, almost 12 months since that fateful day in Singapore – if I went to the Esplanade now and picked a ribbon for the coming year, which one would I choose? I’m pretty sure I know the answer… but that would be telling.

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