Men Around The World


The Dutch Guy

He’s tall. Really tall. He’s outgoing and has a great sense of humour.  He calls you ‘cute’ and makes you laugh. He’s handsome in an old-fashioned way. He’s on the verge of arrogance but his wit means he gets away with it. He smiles a lot and has a sunny disposition. He doesn’t take life seriously, and you can’t take anything seriously when you’re around him.

The Kiwi Guy

He knows where the party is and how to have a bloody good time at it. He’ll try anything once. His accent makes you a little weak at the knees. When he gives you attention it feels like he really means it. He’s a risk-taker, daring and confident. He’s extremely open-minded and won’t judge you for anything. Although you can’t put your finger on it, there’s just something about him.

The German Guy

He will always be punctual. He likes to plan ahead. He’s reliable and sweet, but sometimes he can really surprise you. He seems serious yet he knows how to have fun. He’s a damn good kisser. He’s adventurous in every way. He is cultured, educated and intelligent. His dress sense can be questionable. He’s an accomplished cuddler.

The Australian Guy

He’s a laugh. You can’t be around him and not have fun. He likes a drink or two. He can be loud and boisterous – the life and soul of any party. He uses slang constantly. He’s got a hot body and is into health and fitness big-time. Except when he’s downing beer. He’s got summer dressing down to a tee – singlet, trendy shorts and cool sunglasses.

The Irish Guy

He drinks – boy, can he drink. And he’ll happily buy you a few. He has a naughty glint in his eye which matches his sense of humour. He’ll never get a decent tan, but his blue eyes look better against pale skin. You love listening to the way he speaks. He’s thoughtful and kind but a bit of a ladies man.

The Lebanese Guy

He’s smart, well-read and obsessed with education. He’s intense – maybe a little too intense. He’s dark and interesting but also unpredictable. He has fiery tendencies that test your calm nature. He excels at deep-and-meaningfuls. He’s always affectionate and attentive. He has a wild side.

The Indian Guy

He falls in love easily.  His generosity knows no bounds. You’re fascinated by how culturally different he is. He’s well-educated and a hard worker. He takes nothing for granted. He’s emotional and not afraid to put himself out there.  You can get a little lost in his big brown eyes. His accent makes you smile.

The English Guy

He makes you laugh out loud until your belly aches. It can be irritating that he lacks confidence. You connect on so many levels. He is clever and can be serious but often hides it behind a laddish persona. He makes you wish football was never invented. He’s got chivalry down. He feels strongly yet expresses it weakly. You wish he would talk more. When he is talking, you marvel at his many layers and subtleties.

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