Feels Like Home?

Today I took a walk around the city of Melbourne. In an attempt to cure myself of a considerable hangover I ventured outside in the late afternoon, just as the sun was beginning to set. The streets were slick from a recent rainfall, the air cool and fresh. I took a shortcut through the university grounds, heading east towards Fitzroy. My headphones were on and I listened to my travelling playlist of songs that remind me of my past year on the road.

Melbourne skyline at sunset.
Melbourne skyline at sunset.

As I walked along I got lost in thought. Looking around me, I had an overwhelming feeling of utter contentment (despite the hangover). I grabbed hold of that feeling and tried to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from. Here I am, in Melbourne, and I’m extremely happy about it. But why is it that I feel so at home here?

Moments like this are not always easy to come by. I was at peace with the world, myself and my life. It felt as though my soul was content. It didn’t matter that I was sleepy and hungover, or that I have to get up at 6am for work tomorrow, or that I didn’t have anyone to cuddle when I got home later. Everything came together as I wandered along in my own little world.

I think I feel at home in Melbourne for a number of reasons. It’s similar enough to England to make me secure, yet different enough that it still fascinates me. The current climate is autumnal, my favourite time of year when the afternoon light is soft and romantic. There’s a chill in the air that makes people get close to one another. Deciding to stay here for the next few months was a no-brainer. Today, as I took in the city while the daylight faded, I was empowered by my choice and knew it was the right one. I can be all alone in the world but it’s OK, because right now I have Melbourne for company.

2 thoughts on “Feels Like Home?

  1. Left Melbourne for Tasmania about 2 weeks ago, and even though Tassie is crazy beautiful I do miss Melbourne. One of the few cities I could picture myself living in longterm.

    1. Thanks for your comment Pernilla! It is a wonderful city with a lot to offer, at least we got to experience it even if we can’t live here forever 🙂 (I’m still working on that one!)

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