These are a few of my favourite things… about Southeast Asia

  • Iced coffee with condensed milk, freshly brewed in Vietnam.
  • The random animals that are everywhere – dogs, cats, birds, geckos hanging out in restaurants, shops, massage parlours and on the streets.
  • Service staff with impeccable manners and big smiles, even if they don’t understand that catching their eye means you want something.
  • Fresh fruit juices and smoothies for less than £1.Image
  • The best prawns I’ve ever tasted in excessive quantities – and not a bout of food poisoning yet.
  • The fact that no one will ever tell you what is going on. If your bus breaks down they won’t tell you, if your boat breaks down they won’t breathe a word (but worrying looks in the engine hatch indicate a problem). If you’ve accidentally got on the wrong bus or boat, no one will tell you. It’s all part of the fun of travelling in Asia.
  • That you can haggle for pretty much everything and anything – and the markets are AMAZING!
  • The street dogs in Thailand are total mutts with about 10 different breeds mixed together. It means each one is totally unique.Image
  • You get given free tea all the time.
  • Thai massages, manicures, pedicures, foot massages – all for under £5 each. And they usually do a fantastic job.
  • Wherever you are, if you get hungry and thirsty there will be a hawker in shouting distance with something to sell.
  • Every kind of coastline you can imagine exists in Southeast Asia. Powder fine white dust and shallow turquoise sea barely lapping the shore; steep yellow sand with an indigo sea the perfect depth for swimming; rugged cliffs dropping down to longtail fishing boats way below, plus sunset; stunning karst islands jutting out of crystalline blue water, covered in wild jungle. Heaven on earth.Image

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