Malaysia: Truly Asia

The slogan of my title is taken from a UK advertising campaign promoting travel to Malaysia. I found it an intriguing description of a country I knew very little about. Firstly, what exactly ‘is’ Asia? How can you possibly define a continent so large and varied? The answer I found is that Asia is undefinable. … More Malaysia: Truly Asia

Life in Melbourne

It’s been a pretty dramatic couple of weeks for me. I should be packing up my stuff into my well-worn bag ready to jet off to New Zealand right now. But I’m not… instead I’m making Melbourne, Australia my home for the foreseeable future. In a turn of events that I never saw coming, I’ve … More Life in Melbourne

The Land Of Australia

The land of Oz. It’s as random and surprising as the otherworld Dorothy finds herself transported to in that famous film. In one corner there are cosmopolitan cities packed with well-dressed urbanites, cocktail bars and posh restaurants. Not forgetting the ground-breaking architecture, golden beaches and modern culture at its very best. Move northwards and you’ll … More The Land Of Australia

Road Trippin’ Down Under: An Unexpected Journey

One of the most popular ways to travel Australia is in a hired campervan. Here’s an account of the two weeks I spent driving up the east coast with my elder sister, Sophia. Collecting the van did not go smoothly. We had hired a ‘Hippy’ campervan which was painted with purple flowers – dreadfully girly … More Road Trippin’ Down Under: An Unexpected Journey